Waves H-Comp
Waves H-Comp

H-Comp, Software compressor from Waves.

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stompboxjon 17/09/2012

Waves H-Comp : la opinión de stompboxjon (content in English)

"Demo it first"

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The H Comp is a compressor made by Waves Plug-ins. It is a powerful dynamic processor that will take the tubes, transistors and transformers, together they will put out some powerful stuff if you learn to use them properly. The interface of the H Comp is very simple, you have an Analog Dial, Output Dial, Ratio Dial, Mix Dry/Wet Dial , Punch and Attack Dials, the main Threshold Dial and a Release Dial. Everything is on the main screen of the plug in and there are no sub menus or hard to navigate or read texts. The H Comp does offer a demo that you can download to decide if you want to make the purchase. Many people have compared the H Comp the CLA compressors bundle. But they CLA compressors bundle is modeled after classic hardware compressors and if you don’t have a lot of knowledge with those classic compressors you mine as well just go ahead and go with H Comp.


I have installed H Comp on two different machines, one running Windows Vista and one running Windows 7. It has worked great on both and has never gave me any issues. I have used this plug in with Cubase, Ableton and Pro Tools. It has been very stable no matter where I have used it at. I have been using it for almost a year now.


Overall, you really cant go wrong with something from Waves Plug Ins. Every time I use one of their products I am completely happy with it, and best of all they give you a chance to use it before you pay for it so you know if its exactly something you want to spend your money on. I am very happy with my purchased. You will love how easy it is to use this compressor and you will start using it a lot and maybe even as your main compressor. The price is very reasonable for the quality of a plug in that you are getting with H Comp.