PreSonus CSR-1 Remote
PreSonus CSR-1 Remote

CSR-1 Remote, Controlador de Monitoreo from PreSonus.

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moosers 12/07/2010

PreSonus CSR-1 Remote : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The Presonus CSR-1 Remote is a small remote control that is designed for used with Presonus’ Central Station, which is a routing device for studios. The CSR-1 is connected to Central Station with a DB15 cable, which is the only connection on the remote. The unit is overall pretty small, so it’s easy to place right on your desk next to your mouse and keyboard for easy access. Of course something like this is really only necessary in a smaller studio, or a studio without a console. The control that’s available with the CSR-1 includes speaker selection, a main level knob, a talkback section, and an input selection section. This all makes a bit more sense when compared with the Central Station unit itself, which has all of these sections on it. The talkback section gives you control over the mic level and also has a button for engaging the built in mic. You can use up to three sets of speakers with the Central Station, so here you’ve got buttons for A, B, and C monitors, as well as buttons for mute, dim, and mono. If you’ve got the Central Station and know it a bit, you’ll be able to recognize all of these parameters pretty quickly as they match up with the unit itself. Central Station doesn’t come with the CSR-1 Remote, as it needs to be bought separately as far as I know. The price of the remote on it’s own isn’t all that much, but of course you need both the Central Station and the remote, although Central Station is also priced reasonably. For larger home studios or smaller professional ones without the luxury of a console, the tandem of the Presonus Central Station and the CSR-1 Remote is definitely something that I’d encourage checking it out, as it can be more than a useful too to have around.