Waves IR-1 Convolution Reverb
Waves IR-1 Convolution Reverb

IR-1 Convolution Reverb, Software convolution reverb from Waves in the IR series.

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mooseherman 31/01/2011

Waves IR-1 Convolution Reverb : la opinión de mooseherman (content in English)

"Realistic, Flexible reverb Plug-in"

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This is a plug-in for reverb that comes as part of the Waves bundle. It is a very flexible and transparent reverb. I had no compatibility issues with this or any of the other Waves plug-ins, which is testament to their ease of use. I haven't really needed a manual to use this plug-in, as a hands-on approach is the best way to learn how to use it. The setup of this plug-in was simple and painless, and it's a pretty easy plug-in to start using.


I've had a great performance from this plug-in all the time. The IR-1 is one of the more flexible reverbs around, and as such, it's got a lot of parameters, however the basic sound of the reverb is also easily adjustable. There are type settings that can be preloaded into the plug-in such as hall, plate, and room reverb, which will emulate different sound environments. There are also controls to adjust the amount of dry/wet signal, size, resonance, and density. There's also a reverb EQ as well as other meticulous controls.


I think that this is probably one of the most natural-sounding reverb plug-ins that I've used. When I can't set up room mics on a drum sound, or I'm not recording in a very loud room, I'll often use this to give my drums a bigger sound. I also like using the plate settings as they are pretty close to a real plate reverb, and sound great for guitars and vocals (as well as many other sounds). There's really a lot more control with this reverb that most plug-ins that come with Pro Tools, and I'd say it's one of the best parts of the Waves bundle. If you just need the reverb it's worth getting by itself, but I highly recommend the other Waves plug-ins too.