D'Addario Phosphore Bronze Wound Acoustic Guitar
D'Addario Phosphore Bronze Wound Acoustic Guitar

Phosphore Bronze Wound Acoustic Guitar, Cuerda de Guitarra from D'Addario belonging to the Phosphor Bronze Wound Acoustic model.

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mooseherman 27/04/2010

D'Addario Phosphore Bronze Wound Acoustic Guitar : la opinión de mooseherman (content in English)


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I recently discovered these strings when I went about a new approach on my acoustic guitar. The reason I was switching gears from my usual favorites, the Martin Marquis lights, was because I recently decided I was going to take singing more seriously. Since I'm a baritone, I realized that taking most songs down a whole step was probably the best way to go, considering the type of music I play. So when I tried it, I realized I was going to need thicker strings, which brought me to these strings.
I realized early on the sheer power that came out of these strings was monstrous compared to my old ones. At this point there's really no way I could play anything else. The tunes just come to life so much more when you have these strings, they are bright and strong and powerful. Sure they were tougher to play, but that goes without saying; heavier strings are always tough to play. I was really impressed with these, and they didn't get too loose when I was tuning it down to open D. In fact, they were still tighter than the old ones were in standard tuning, which was actually better. I feel like a much stronger player nowadays now that I've been doing this. They actually made it far easier for me to sing, I felt as though the backing accompaniment was far more effective, and also that my dynamic range opened up quite a bit, and was more audible even when playing quiet. I hadn't tried this brand before, but I was pretty much blown away. I think that I will stick with these guys for awhile now.