Elixir Strings Polyweb Acoustic 11025 11-52 Custom Light
Elixir Strings Polyweb Acoustic 11025 11-52 Custom Light

Polyweb Acoustic 11025 11-52 Custom Light, Cuerda de Guitarra from Elixir Strings belonging to the Polyweb Coating 80/20 Bronze Acoustic model.

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bpmccauley1 16/10/2008

Elixir Strings Polyweb Acoustic 11025 11-52 Custom Light : la opinión de bpmccauley1 (content in English)


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Used these strings for years, I was convinced that they couldn't be beat. I absolutely love the silky feel of them when you first put them on. I love the sound and tone of the strings and I really love how long they last compared to other strings. I was very happy with them and as far as I was concerned I didn't need to look elsewhere for strings, I had that covered.
One thing I didn't care for regarding the strings is that when they start to become worn the coating on them can kind of fray off in some areas and the strings can get dingy if you don't change them when they need changed. I suppose that is with any string though.
When I first started to use these strings I was willing to pay the price for them, they are a bit expensive, but I thought that the added life I got from them and the tone made them worth the price. Since then I have come to reailze that Elixir is not the only game in town.
Now I use Martin SP strings. They are cheaper for one, in my opinion sound better on my guitar, and last just as long if not longer. The Martins don't have the silkly feel that the Elixirs do but I got over that pretty quickly.
All in all these stings are great...like I said sound great, feel great, and last a long time. But they are expensive and I've found that there are others out there that do just as good for a cheaper price and in my opinion a better sound.