GHS Guitar Boomers GBL 10-46 Light
GHS Guitar Boomers GBL 10-46 Light

Guitar Boomers GBL 10-46 Light, Cuerda de Guitarra from GHS in the Guitar Boomers series.

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darkwolf291 03/04/2011

GHS Guitar Boomers GBL 10-46 Light : la opinión de darkwolf291 (content in English)

"Good strings"

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Nice clear, precise, and crisp tone. Bright on the treble, but not overly so. They're very warm on the bass strings, but they still have some punch and bite. Very easy to string, and easy to fret. The tension is great. Not too loose, and not too tight. Anything under Drop D and they're really floppy in my opinion. Too floppy for my tastes anyway. Very easy to bend 3 steps or more. Easy to vibrato on, and just a joy to play on. Very easy to set the intonation for and harmonics ring out great too. They're not the longest lasting strings, at least not in my opinion. They last around 2-3 weeks, then start sounding dull and lifeless. They also, at least in my opinion, break very easily. I always broke my G and High E when bending them. I checked over, and it wasn't because there was a burr. It was a weakness in the strings themselves, whether it was due to bad production or just bad quality metal I'll never know, but I've stopped using them because of it. It happened with more than one pack as well, so it was because of the way the strings were made. I haven't had the problem with any other string band or gauge I've used. I switched strings because I got tired of them breaking. Maybe it's just me, but they didn't seem to cut it. Many other people use them without problem, so I must just finger harder than most or something. Overall, they're decent strings. They can do Jazz to country to metal if you put them on the right guitar. All in all, except for them breaking a lot, they're ok strings, but there are much better for the price in my opinion. I've switched to Ernie Ball and haven't looked back since.