Boss DD-2 Digital Delay
Boss DD-2 Digital Delay

DD-2 Digital Delay, Delay/Eco/Sampler de frase para Guitarra from Boss.

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iamqman 20/03/2011

Boss DD-2 Digital Delay : la opinión de iamqman (content in English)

"Very simplistic"

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This is a basic delay pedal that really has not much going for it but the price and simplistic value of it. You are not going to find much variations to this pedal. This is going to be a bare bones pedal that adds a bit of delay if you need it. Since there isn't much of a range to it but just the four mode clicks and a delay time knob you can't get to complicated with it like you can the Boss DD-20. This comes in a much smaller case but has a good sound to it like the DD-20. If you are a person who uses delay sparingly or subtly to add character to your tone then this a great pedal. It does cut throw the mix more than an analog pedal even though thes operation is simple like an analog pedal.

The layout as follows...

Level, Feedback, D TIme, and 4 modes including the fourth mode which produces endless repeats.

The first three mode are simple short, medium, and long delay times. The D TIme control will select time within whcihc ever mode you are in. So it acts as range for shirt, medium, and long times.


Fairly easy pedal in that it only has hour knobs and one foot pedal. Takes a 9v battery of plug. It has delay times that goes from12 mil to 800 which is probably most that people are going to use.

You can take the D time up to around 2:00 on long delay times and the notes follow a dotted 8th note delay. Great for ambient sounds or U2 times delays. The overall pedal has a very clear transparent warm tone that compliments your guitar playing. It sounds great in the mix and allows the user to add subtle delay repeats for slap back tones or long delay times for solos and such. If you set the delay up to the short mode and have the level all the way up it makes a very cool chorus/octave sound. There is much to explore with this pedal if you have the time.


The tone from it is fantastic for all delay applications. It is versatile when you need long or short delay times. I like using it with a Strat into any amp. Preferably a Marshall amp with some heavy gain. I like using it to tailor my guitar tone a bit and sometimes to use as a cutting repeater. Very easy to dial in Welcome to the Jungle tones with this pedal. My favorite setting is a long delay time with the D time up around 2:00 for some Edge type tones. Since this is a digital delay and cuts a little more than an analog echo. I prefer to use this when needing delays to cut in the mix with the band.

I have two beefs with this being that it isn't true bypas so it will change your tone when you are not using it. You can get it modified to become true bypass but it would be nice to have that come standard. The next thing is if it only had a tamp tempo feature on it somewhere it would be killer. I like using rhythmic delay times so having that ability would make this pedal amazing.


I like that it will last you almost forever since Boss makes things to last. You won't have any problems with it failing in the middle of a gig somewhere. I also like how it is small and compact like most Boss pedals are so they fit nicely on your pedal board. The next thing is that is has a sweet delay tone that is warm and smooth. It floats over your guitar playing very sweetly where as an analog delay adds more character to the tone it self.

I would recommend this pedal to anyone who needs a simple digital delay pedal and doesn't want to break the bank to buy one. It comes used at around $150 on ebay made in Japan I guess the older Japanese made ones sound better. They don't make this unit any more and have marketed the DD-3 which is basically the same pedal with some different guts inside. Other than that I don't really know the difference. Great pedal for the price.