Boss DD-3 Digital Delay
Boss DD-3 Digital Delay
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badgerific 30/03/2011

Boss DD-3 Digital Delay : la opinión de badgerific (content in English)

"Lots of features for a good price."

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This is a digital delay stomp box from boss, it has 1/4" input and outputs, can be powered with a standard 9V adaptor or using an internal 9V battery. It has four controls which are: Effect level, Feedback, Delay time and a four way Mode selector.

The four modes are Short, Medium, Long and Hold.

The Short has delay times between 12.5ms and 50ms, the Medium goes between 50ms and 200ms and the Long mode has delays of 200ms to 800ms.

The hold function will infinitely repeat the section of sound that is being played while the foot pedal is pressed down. When the pedal is released it will continue to repeat this section until the foot pedal is tapped again to stop the effect.


This pedal is fairly simple to set up and operate, the only thing I have difficulty using effectively is the hold function but I'm sure with some practice I'd be able to get it done better.

There are lots of useable settings in this delay unit from a slapback sound to long spacey delays.


I have used this pedal extensively with my friends Fender Highway one Telecaster and Marshall JCM900 amplifier. This pedal has crystal clear digital repeats which don't begin to become darker or distorted as they go on like analog delays do. To lots of people this will be an excellent feature on for a delay pedal, I personally really don't like it, I much prefer analog sounding delay units to ones like this.

I found this pedal sounded a lot nicer and fitted in with the other effects pedals I was using when put into the effects loop of the marshall.


The thing I like most about this pedal is the hold feature, despite the fact I find it tricky to use, as I haven't seen it on any other delay unit i've tried except the DD6 and it's quite an interesting effect.

The thing I dislike most about this pedal is the clean repeats, which sound quite sterile to me and the buffered bypass.

Overall I think this is a good pedal if you like the digital delay sound.