Boss DD-6 Digital Delay
Boss DD-6 Digital Delay

DD-6 Digital Delay, Delay/Eco/Sampler de frase para Guitarra from Boss.

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badgerific 13/04/2011

Boss DD-6 Digital Delay : la opinión de badgerific (content in English)

"Great digital delay."

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This is delay stompbox with stereo in and outputs (1/4") which is powered by standard boss 9V adaptor or a 9V battery. It has four controls which are E.Level, F.Back, D.Time and Mode. There is a footswitch to engage/disengage the effect. The footswitch can also be used to set the tempo of the delay.

The modes that this delay has are: 2600ms, 800ms, 300ms, 80ms, Reverse, Hold (5.2s) and Warp.


I found this pedal quite simple to use despite having a quite large range of features. Can be run in mono simply by plugging your guitar into input A, amp from output A and a 9V battery in. I find all the modes simple to use with just a bit of fiddling. The only mode I find difficult to use is the hold mode as I find it hard to time but I'm sure with a bit of practice I think I could use it okay. The tap tempo I also find a little tricky to use.

I haven't tried to use it in stereo so I can't comment on how easy it is to use like that.


The repeats of this pedal are crystal clear which I think lots of people will like but I personally prefer the sound of dark analog delays. I find the clear repeats mean the sound can come a bit cluttered.

I really love the reverse delay and warp feature of this pedal as it provides some interesting non standard delay features.


Overall I think this is a great pedal if you like the sound of clean digital repeats. It has a large range of features and takes a small amount of pedal board space.

One thing I dislike is about this pedal is the buffered bypass as I find it has a large negative impact on the tone in my rig but it can definitely be very useful for long signal chains.