Boss DD-6 Digital Delay
Boss DD-6 Digital Delay

DD-6 Digital Delay, Delay/Eco/Sampler de frase para Guitarra from Boss.

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Heavyspender 23/04/2008

Boss DD-6 Digital Delay : la opinión de Heavyspender (content in English)


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This is a pure delay pedal. You can also get chorus and slap back echo out of this unit, among other sounds. I believe it is digital and cannot be edited via computer. It is a floor pedal, so it is not rackable. It has two stereo inputs as well as two stereo outputs, great for bi-amping !


There are four knobs: E. level, feedback, delay time and mode. I do not have a manual, because it's used. So if you don't know much about delay, like me, you can play with the pedal for a time and figure out some really cool delay effects on this thing. Switch the mode around, and you get several different effects within one pedal. E. Level is like your volume. Feedback is the amount of delay you get, and delay time is the duration of the delay. Pretty straightforward.


This is one of the best pedal delays in the business. Don't mess around with other delay stomp-boxes, this is the one to get. I put this pedal at the end of my pedal chain. I use the stereo output to bi-amp and the "ping-pong" effect that occurs at certain delay settings is really cool. Reminiscent of Pat Metheny on clean settings, Van Halen on distortion settings. I use 80 millisecond mode to add a little light delay to my solos. Gives it some nice "sustain", but not so much delay that notes start bleeding into each other. AT 300ms, you have a chorus type effect. Pair it with another chorus, and it sounds very lush and full! AT 800 ms, you've got a slap-back delay or echo, perfect for country or bluegrass music. At 2600 ms, you've got some wicked tape delay ! There's even a setting that makes your electric sound like a violin !


I've been using this pedal for a couple months more than a year. Once I figured how to get some cool sounds out of this unit, there really isn't anything I don't like about it. I especially like the stereo outputs for bi-amping. This was lent to me, so I didn't try anything else besides it. I would hazard to guess that unless I get an expensive rack-mountable delay unit, nothing compares to this amazing pedal. I wouldn't spend as much money as it costs to get this thing new. I would have to get it used. And if my friend didn't lend it to me, I probably would buy it, because I don't know what I'd do without it. The stereo capability alone makes it worth having and keeping.