Diamond Pedals Memory Lane
Diamond Pedals Memory Lane

Memory Lane, Delay/Eco/Sampler de frase para Guitarra from Diamond Pedals.

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mooseherman 23/04/2010

Diamond Pedals Memory Lane : la opinión de mooseherman (content in English)


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This is a rather high-tech analog delay pedal. The pedal has a standard 1/4" input and output and can be powered with a 9V adaptor. I don't think that there is much in the way of editing with this guy, there's no way to hook it up to a Mac or a PC. This pedal is also not rackable as it's a foot pedal. This is a 100% analog pedal.


The sound effects editing on this guy is actually a little bit more in-depth than some of my other favorite analog delays, however, the pedal is actually still quite easy to use overall. The manual will explain how everything works pretty well. The actual pedal contains six knobs. There is a knob for Delay, EQ and level, and then a knob each for Speed, Depth and Mix. There is also a switch that will allow you to adjust the way the pedal works. On the mod setting, the delay knob will control the delay time. On the tap setting, the second switch will adjust the delay time. This is a pretty cool feature, especially if you want to adjust while playing.


I think that this effect is a high-quality analog delay. There are a lot of features here that I don't see much on an analog delay pedal. I think that the EQ effect is really cool. This knob will adjust the EQ of the delayed signal as it plays. The original chord or note that you play will have the EQ of the signal that is going into the pedal, but the delayed signal will slowly drift higher or lower, depending on where you have the knob. That is cool. In general, the amount of knobs that can control the mix of effects is really cool, it allows you to get some really thick, spacey sounds that can dramatically enhance your playing. It's also one of the best pedals for making crazy sound effects that I've ever seen, which is fun for all the noisemakers out there. The modulation effects make these possibilities, and the tonal possibilities in general, far more varied. In general, this is a pedal worth checking out.


I like the vast amount of technical features on this delay, as well as the really warm and smooth sound in general. I think that for the most part, there are cheaper delays than this, but the price difference isn't the most drastic. If you want a warm sound that has a lot of capabilities, I'd highly recommend this pedal.