DigiTech DigiDelay
DigiTech DigiDelay

DigiDelay , Delay/Eco/Sampler de frase para Guitarra from DigiTech in the X series.

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Fireguy8402 23/12/2011

DigiTech DigiDelay : la opinión de Fireguy8402 (content in English)


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The Digidelay is a delay pedal from Digitech. Digitech uses a four knob layout that is easy to navigate. The Level knob adjusts the volume of the delay. The Repeats knob adjusts the number of repeats before the delay stops. The Time knob adjusts the amount of delay time between repeats. The Mode knob allows you to switch between the different modes. Mode One is 1-50 ms, Mode Two is 50-200 ms, Mode Three is 200-500 ms, Mode Four is 500-1000 ms, Mode Five is 1000-2000 ms, Mode Six is 2000-4000 ms, and Mode Seven is a hold feature.


This pedal has a solid metal casing and sturdy knobs, so it appears to be pretty durable. I’ve had no issues with reliability after a few years of use. This pedal works great at the end of your pedal chain before the front end of the amp, or even better in my opinion in the loop of the amp. If the spaciousness of the pedal alone isn’t enough for you, Digitech includes stereo outs to allow you to spread your guitar signal between two different amps or for use with recording equipment.


This is a pretty decent sounding digital delay. It doesn’t do the warm analog tones, but for a clean delay it’s pretty decent. It does have ping-pong, reverse, tape, and modulated settings, but they really all sound pretty digital. The looping feature allows you to make 4 second loops with overdubs, but I find that’s just too short to be useful. If you want a pedal for delays and a looper look at the DL4 from Line 6. Nothing inspiring soundwise here, but it’s decent and doesn’t wreck your tone.


Overall this pedal never really struck a chord with me. It does your standard digital delay sounds, but that’s really about all I’d use this pedal for. It throws in a couple of models and features, but they are so watered down and untweakable that they appear to be me gimmicky sales pitches from Digitech than useful features. If you were to need a generic delay sound and found a good deal on a used one, it might be worth picking up. Otherwise if buying new, I’d save a little more money and go for something else like the TC Electronic Nova Repeater that is light years ahead of this pedal for just a little more coin.