Guyatone MD-3 Micro Digital Delay
Guyatone MD-3 Micro Digital Delay

MD-3 Micro Digital Delay, Delay/Eco/Sampler de frase para Guitarra from Guyatone in the Micro Effect series.

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mooseherman 01/02/2011

Guyatone MD-3 Micro Digital Delay : la opinión de mooseherman (content in English)

"Cheap, but reliable, and good-sounding delay"

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This is a digital delay pedal made by Guyatone. I've had success with their other pedals in the past, and this is really no different. This has only one type of effect, and that's delay, which is fine considering that the effect is solid. There is a quarter inch input and output and there's also an adapter jack. This is a digital pedal but it doesn't have an interface that would allow it to be edited or updated on the computer. It's also not rackable.


Using this pedal is really very simple. It has three knobs and a switch. There is a knob for level, delay time and feedback, which are all pretty standard delay controls. The switch adjusts the parameters of the delay time, from short, medium, and long. This will give you a lot more options in the way of delay time and length, which will come in handy as you're trying different things out. This helps the pedal be a lot more versatile overall.


This is a digital delay, so it doesn't color the sound quite as much as an analog delay would. This can be a good thing, though, if you're really just trying to get more clear repetition or delay. I personally love analog delays but a good digital delay can really be perfect sometimes, and this is probably one of the better ones I've tried. Given it's versatility, there are a lot of different sounds you can get out of this, from a short echo to a long, almost looping delay. It can really add a lot of space to your tone and not muddy up the signal the way a lot of other pedals tend to do.


This is a really great digital delay. It lacks the harshness of some other digital delays and can really be a great addition to the pedal board. It's really not that expensive either, so it has that going for it as well. I'd have to recommend this pedal very highly, in spite of all my former tirades about digital delays, this one is really something else. It's still no Moogerfooger analog delay but it's still great in it's own right.