Mad Professor Deep Blue Delay
Mad Professor Deep Blue Delay

Deep Blue Delay, Delay/Eco/Sampler de frase para Guitarra from Mad Professor.

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moosers 27/09/2010

Mad Professor Deep Blue Delay : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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Mad Professor's Deep Blue Delay is a pedal designed for electric guitar, but certainly usable across the board with all electronic instruments. Since I've only used it for electric guitar however, this review will be focused on this application of the pedal. It's got a really standard and simple configuration, with 1/4" input and output connections and a nine volt power supply jack. It isn't going to be rack mountable since it's a foot controlled effect.


The make up of the Mad Professor Deep Blue Delay is incredibly simple. It only has three parameters, which might not seem ideal for a delay pedal, but is enough here to get a good amount of sounds. These include knobs for level, repeat, and delay. These are definitely the basic parameters that you'll see for a delay pedal, but I love having as much control possible so I'll never mind a few other parameters. Having said this, it's still a very flexible pedal and is incredibly easy to use because of this. A manual should definitely not be necessary.


The sound of the Mad Professor Deep Blue Delay is incredibly clean! It's the kind of delay that you can hear all of the details of your sound, with each of the individual notes and repeats being heard very clearly. I've used the pedal with a Fender Stratocaster and a '76 Fender Twin Reverb amp, so I think I'm getting a pretty clear picture of what the pedal sounds like. I've only used it in the studio, and it's not cheap so if you're going to bring it on gigs be careful with it (not that it's not sturdy).


If you're in the market for a super clean, high quality delay pedal, the Mad Professor Deep Blue Delay is absolutely worth knowing about. It's definitely on the pricer side of pedals, but Mad Professor has released a PCB version of each of their pedals which is about half the price and of course now much more affordable. I've only used the original version of this pedal, but it seems like the PCB versions aren't too far off. I'd recommend checking out both if possible if you're interested in the Deep Blue Delay pedal.