maxim|digital audio Delay [Freeware]
maxim|digital audio Delay [Freeware]

Delay [Freeware], Delay/Eco Software from maxim|digital audio.

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moosers 13/05/2010

maxim|digital audio Delay [Freeware] : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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MDA, also known as, Maxim Digital Audio, offers up this free Delay as a free VST plug-in download. This has been around for a pretty long time, as I first downloaded it about six or seven years ago. I no longer run it since I don't have Cubase SX anymore and I now run Pro Tools. I don't remember the installation process, but that probably means that it wasn't an issue. The interface of the MDA Delay is really as basic as it can get, which is the case with all of these MDA plug-ins. It simply has a series of sliders without any flair or style really, which I guess makes it really easy to understand, but it would be nice if it looked a bit better I guess. The parameters that this one has includes sliders for L delay, R delay, feedback, feedback tone, mix, and output. I don't believe that a manual exists for this plug-in.


When I had the Maxim Digital Audio Delay plug-in, I was running it in Cubase SX 2.0 on a Hewlett Packard Pavilion dv8000 PC lap top with 2 GB of RAM and a 3.0 Ghz processor. Since the make up of this plug-in is so simple, it barely takes up any processing power at all, so I don't think that most users will have a problem in terms of performance.


I must admit that the Maxim Digital Audio Delay didn't see too much action when I had it running in Cubase. I tried it out a few times and really just wasn't very impressed with the sound quality. I guess it could get the job done, but even at the time I had a number of other delay plug-ins (some free also) that I liked using a lot and thought had a much cleaner and realistic sound than this one does. Since it is free, I'd still encourage those interested in delay plug-ins to check it out for themselves.