Nomad Factory BT Vintage Oilcan Echo TLE2S
Nomad Factory BT Vintage Oilcan Echo TLE2S

BT Vintage Oilcan Echo TLE2S, Delay/Eco Software from Nomad Factory.

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moosers 11/01/2011

Nomad Factory BT Vintage Oilcan Echo TLE2S : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The Nomad Factory BT Vintage Oilcan Echo TLE-2S is a unique plug-in that comes as either an individual plug-in or within the Blue Tubes Effects Pack. The bundle comes with six in total and is definitely worth springing for the full bundle if you want this plug-in since the price isn't enough of a difference between it as an individual and for the full bundle. I don't have the bundle at home so I wasn't at all involved with installing it. Learning to use the interface of the software is pretty simple, as it consists of parameters for input and output levels, echo-delay, flutter, sustain, and mix of the effect. It also has four different 'colors' to choose from, with buttons for a few different years including 1964, 1977, 1989, and 1995, aiming to give you different vintage feels. It also has three main modes for slap, delay, and echo. It has a nice amount of presets to get you started as well. I don't think users will need a manual for this...


The studio I work at has the Nomad Factory BT Vintage Oilcan Echo TLE-2S and the BT Effects Pack running on all of our systems. They are all Pro Tools HD systems, so I think that's enough to say and it is to say that I've never had any issue running any plug-ins at all on these systems. Most users will not encounter any problems with performance with this plug-in either.


The Nomad Factory BT Vintage Oilcan Echo TLE-2S is a very cool delay plug-in that is awesome for use on vocals. I find myself using this plug-in a good amount when I have access to it at the studio, although I don't always end up using it since I don't have it at home and will often switch to something else I can use in both places. Having said this, it's definitely a versatile plug-in that has a nice variety of tones between the three main modes and the different year colors. Like I said, I definitely like it best for vocals as it's great for getting a little bit of slapback happening and in a few different ways. I honestly haven't used it for much beyond vocals, but it's also nice on guitars in some cases. I'm not sure it's worth getting the bundle for this plug-in alone, but those interested in this plug-in should definitely check out the rest of the nice plug-ins in the Blue Tubes Effects Pack to see if it's worth it to get the whole thing.