Seagate Free Agent 1 TB
Seagate Free Agent 1 TB

Free Agent 1 TB, Disco Duro from Seagate.

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moosers 19/02/2010

Seagate Free Agent 1 TB : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The Seagate Free Agent 1 TB is an external hard drive, which I use to store my Pro Tools projects and to work off of. The hard drive is overall built pretty well, and I like the external casing and everything stands up in place as it should. It has a slew of connections, including fire wire 800 and a mini USB jack. I've had this hard drive for over a year now, but I did have to get it replaced one time, which was a major pain. In general I don't trust hard drives, so I always keep as many back ups as possible, which is something that I absolutely recommend you do as well, regardless of what type of hard drive you have as you never know when one is going to do on you. The process of getting Seagate to replace my broken hard drive wasn't too hard as they were pretty understanding. Since getting it replaced though, I haven't had any problems with it at all. I have worked off of and stored all sorts of projects on the Free Agent 1 TB, and still have tons of space to spare. When I bought this hard drive I was looking for a 1 TB drive that wasn't incredibly expensive, but also wouldn't crap out on me right away and have some good specifications. I found that the Free Agent offered up a great deal for what I was looking for, and it has been my main hard drive since. While this certainly doesn't offer up the same type of strength and back up as a Glyph drive would, barring something like this, the Seagate Free Agent was the best deal that I could find out there. If you're looking for a hard drive with a ton of space that won't cost you a few hundred USD (more like around $100), then the Seagate Free Agent 1 TB hard drive is absolutely worth looking into - just always keep a back up!