Boss HM-2 Heavy Metal
Boss HM-2 Heavy Metal

HM-2 Heavy Metal, Distorsión/Overdrive/Fuzz para Guitarra from Boss.

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iamqman 28/03/2011

Boss HM-2 Heavy Metal : la opinión de iamqman (content in English)

"This is silly"

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This goes into WTF are they thinking category. I mean what do they expect this to sound like a hyped up Marshall JCM 800. This pedal is so bad that I find myself thinking why did I spend anytime with this pedal knowing full well ahead of time that this pedal is not going to sound good at all. Back when trying out the guitar for the first time it seems like a lot of beginners try out pedals like this. So I had number of friends who had metal type pedals to which every single one of them sounded horrible. This pedal is no exception. Running my fork across the plate sounds about what you get out of this pedal. It may even sound better. I know that Boss is tailoring to the metal market but come on this thing sound like garbage!!

It has four control knobs consisting of Level, two Mix knobs, and a Gain control.


It is easy to use but the sound you get won't be pleasing. I can't find one way of getting this pedal to get anything worth listening to no matter how you attempt to dial in the controls.

The best thing you can do I suppose is set the thing to OFF and buy a decent amp. Then take the pedal and throw it off your roof. The sound of it breaking against the wall will bring joy to your ears. So you want to sound like Randy R or Warren D or Mick M ......don't buy this pedal.


There really isn't any way you can throw a guitar or amp in front or behind this thing to have any workable sound. Try using a Les Paul or a Super Strat and you won't sound like CC Deville. Try using a Marshall JCM 800 and Kerry King is not an option. You know what is an option....not buying this pedal.

This thing sounds thin and metallic to which sounds nothing like a tube amp at all. No active EMG pickups or Dean guitar will help you at this point.


So I think I made it pretty clear how I feel about this useless pedal. The only thing I think it has going for it is that Boss made it and it will last forever. So you'll have garbage tone forever if you so choose to waste your money. Listen to some youtube videos before you decide. You can pick the pedal up on ebay for about $50 but I can think of a lot of things to spend $50 on.

I would not recommend this pedal to anyone. Boss makes good OD boxes but not high gain boxes. This is a big old pass for me and it should be for you as well.