DOD FX69 Grunge
DOD FX69 Grunge
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goodbyebluesky 01/04/2008

DOD FX69 Grunge : la opinión de goodbyebluesky (content in English)


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The DOD Grunge pedal is a bit misnamed, it can maybe create a "grunge" sound for you if you play with it, but it is mostly a pedal for metal lovers.
Its a fairly typical distortion box, 1/4" input and output, red led, ac adapter input, in a sturdy metal casing with a cheap plastic stomp button and battery cover like all DOD boxes, when will they ever learn not to use plastic? It has 4 knobs; "loud", "low", "high", and "grunge" (which means 'gain' in DOD-land for this pedal anyway). Its pretty simple to use.


I was a bit suprised at how much control the "low" and "high" knobs give you. You can't just max this thing out and rock out like some guitarists are tempted to do, but you will equally lose out by just leaving the EQ at 12 o'clock. You can add a ton of thick low end to your palm muting riffing with the "low" knob without it getting muddy as quickly as I would expect, and the 2 eq knobs seem a bit interactive. It adds a lot of versatility to this pedal.


This pedal will probably elicit a 'love it or hate it' reaction from most guitarists. I do like the meaty crunch of it and the amount of gain possible, but it does start to sound a bit "synthetic" to my ears and never really sounds "warm". Its a very raw, grating distortion. It might be cool to play Pantera riffs, and detune to play newer metal, but..... I would never play prettier music like indie rock or even screamo with it. Its just to nasally and over the top. I go to this pedal when I want super aggressive distortion for metal type playing. I have the sense to reach for my Tube Screamer when I want creamy overdrive/distortion for lead/soling, and my Snarling Dogs Black Dog when I want a more classic sound.

I hate the sound of it with the gain turned down, its not very versatile in that regard either.


I've had mine for several years, just resurrected it from the dustbin to use it again. I like the amount of low end you can really pull out of this thing. It will add some calories to your sound, it makes me want to palmn mute for days. What I hate about it.... is that it is a bit harsh and seems a bit synthetic, not natural sounding like a tube amp cranked the heck up.
You can get them pretty cheap now. I would say they are worth trying out to see if you dig it, especially if you are into aggressive pedals to push your sound overthe top.