Emma Electronic RF-1 ReezaFRATzitz
Emma Electronic RF-1 ReezaFRATzitz

RF-1 ReezaFRATzitz, Distorsión/Overdrive/Fuzz para Guitarra from Emma Electronic.

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loudfunk 24/03/2011

Emma Electronic RF-1 ReezaFRATzitz : la opinión de loudfunk (content in English)

"NOW this is a distortion pedal..."

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Simple high gainer, made to turn your clean amp into a fire breather...volume, tone, gain and the magic control...Bias.
Bias emulates the operating Class of your amp. As in your typical Marshall or Fender being Class A/B, stuff like Fender Champ, THD UniValve being Class A, and Music Man HDs being Class B.
The feel and attack changes with that.
Most folks will be happiest in the Class A/B range 10 to 2 o'clock. Personally I love it with Bias at 9 o'clock for Class A.


Manual is rather helpful but really not necessary, after all it's a distortion pedal, by now there shouldn't be any surprises on what one does.
Have used it on pedal boards, and when I travel and take nothing but a guitar this one comes along. So no matter what amp gets put behind me I know as long as I can dial in a halfway decent clean sound my gain sound will be solid if not great.


When I first tried the pedal I plugged into my favorite high gainer and set up the clean side with the pedal to A/B with the dirty side of the amp without the pedal. And I was very surprised how much I liked the pedal. I also like running it with a second pedal for over the top all out gain.

Interestingly enough I much prefer to run the output way low, like 9 0'clock and then boost the level after with a clean boost then just running the volume higher.


Love, love, love it! I know there's a newer version but I see no reason to upgrade since this is my ultimate turn a clean amp into a high gain monster sound.
The only down side is that the battery has no easy access and you have to unscrew the bottom plate to change it. But that is pretty much the only niggle I can think of.