Fulltone Distortion Pro
Fulltone Distortion Pro
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loudfunk 28/03/2011

Fulltone Distortion Pro : la opinión de loudfunk (content in English)

"It most certainly does what it claims to..."

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Made in SoCal, 1/4 inch in and output jacks, The two main controls are for Volume and Distortion. Below these two knobs are four smaller controls for Resonance, Voicing, Highs, and Saturation.
The Resonance control shapes the bottom end, the Voicing is a midrange control, Actually a midrange control that is distortion level dependent. Highs will boost or cut the treble. And Saturation is what lets you dial in the amount of how much you want the pedal to act like a sagging tube amp.

True bypass as all Fulltone pedals.


The owners manual is well laid out with plenty of good sounding sample settings to get you up and running quickly.


I have used this with various amps such a THD Flexi 50, 70s Marshalls, 60s Fender Bassman, and it does shine with clean amps turning it into a great overdrive sound. Actually one of my favorite moments with this pedal was plugging a Vigieer Shawn lane model into this into a THD Flexi 50 when recording a Robben Ford cover and getting a very convincing Robben Ford style Dumble overdrive tone.
And funnily enough the pedal sounds equal at home with humbuckers and single coils, as well as with loud amps with band usage as well as practice amps at home. A big surprise that was. Actually I think this is one of the few pedals I’ve used that can have you use Strat into a clean amp and end up with a harmonicly rich, still dynamic sound.


I have used this pedal for many years with loud clean amps, I know of guys that aren’t too fond of it. However most of them tend to use it with amps with gobs of pre-amp gain. I can see how all that cascaded gain would make for a fuzzed out mess. The only other pedal that turns a clean amp into a high gainer is the Emma Reezafratzitz RF-1.