Fulltone Distortion Pro
Fulltone Distortion Pro
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iamqman 14/04/2011

Fulltone Distortion Pro : la opinión de iamqman (content in English)


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I'll be honest here and tell you that I absolutely hate this pedal. I am a big Fulltone proponent, but this pedal comes up way too short. I have played around with 100's of distortion boxes and just as many amps and I know what constitutes a quality tone. Nothing about this pedal sounded good to me in any way. I could have been unjustly comparing it to a OCD, but coming from the same builder I thought this was a huge miscue.

Does this thing sound terrible...? No it doesn't sound like some of pedals I have played before that sound better if they were run over by a car.


There are a few little control knobs and tweakable options that can give you some variations of tone but the overall incapability of this unit just doesn't make you enjoy playing. Everything about the sound of this pedal just scream fake. The thing is completely incapable of sounding natural at all. It sounds like a pedal and nothing like a tube amp what so ever.

It has a volume and distortion control knobs that are the main featured controls. Under neath that there are four little EQ controls that switch the resonance, voicing, highs, and saturation.


I gave this pedal a fair shake and it just sounded terrible. I ran a Fender Strat through it and a Gibson Les Paul and neither one could produce anything capable of playing in a band or even playing at home in my studio for that matter. No amount of tweaking or rolling off highs or turning up the gain or saturation was going to do any justice to my amp. I was playing through a Vox Ac30 and even with a great amp like that which is more than capable of highlighting the positive qualities of a pedal, failed to give me any satisfaction of tone. Perhaps the amp didn't fail but really show that this pedal good not be paired with anything that would make it sound good even under the best circumstances.


I know that Fulltone has now discontinued the building of these pedals and for good reason....they sound terrible! It sounds like a bad Boss pedal trying to be something its not. It won't sound like a tube screamer and it won't sound like the OCD. The OCD might be one of the best overdrive pedals ever created. The Distortion Pro is one of Fulltone's blunders.

I wouldn't recommend this pedal to anyone. It sound flat thin and up pleasant. Try the OCD and see what your missing if you own this pedal already.