J. Everman Ultra-Drive
J. Everman Ultra-Drive
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mooseherman 05/10/2010

J. Everman Ultra-Drive : la opinión de mooseherman (content in English)

"Rather overrated pedal, honestly"

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This is a high-end distortion pedal, made by the small company J. Everman. It is surprisingly versatile in its application. It has a 1/4" input and output, and can run on an adapter. The pedal uses analog technology and therefore is not MIDI-capable, or capable of being edited with a computer. The pedal is also not rackable.


Using this pedal is overall, pretty easy. I find that the only difficulty in using this pedal is generally related to how much time I want to spend finding a sound. Given the multitude of options, this is a timely process. However, the actual design of the pedal is quite easy. There are simply four knobs: Sustain, Filter, Tone, and Volume. The sustain works on the compression/distortion end of things (this is different than most distortion pedals), the filter helps cut unwanted frequencies (for noise, bad tone, etc.) the tone will emphasize a certain frequency range, and the volume is pretty self-explanatory.


I think that this is a pretty cool pedal to use with Les Pauls or SGs. In fact, it will almost always sound better with humbuckers, as it has a saturation and a thick tone that will be extremely noisy with single coiled guitars like Strats and Teles. While I like the pedal when used lightly (almost as more of an overdrive) I find that it's too thick and meaty for my taste when it is really cranked. The sustain is killer, so it could be said that it's really good for leads, but I don't know if that is necessarily the case with everybody. For me personally, it isn't bright enough and doesn't have quite enough character for lead playing. It's a good sound for hair metal, or 70s arena rock type stuff, but those sounds tend to bore me. I really must say that for 230 dollars this is a serious let down.


I think that this pedal is really cool, and has a variety of uses, but I think that overall it's not my favorite pedal, really. This mostly has to do with the oversaturation. While it can be good for leads, it just doesn't color the tone in the way that I like. I guess overall, this was just a little too much of a disappointment, especially considering the price. Go for a different pedal.