J. Everman Ultra-Drive
J. Everman Ultra-Drive
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moosers 29/04/2010

J. Everman Ultra-Drive : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The J. Everman Ultra-Drive is a boutiquey overdrive/distortion pedal that is designed for use with electric guitar. You can definitely use it for bass guitar, keyboards, or another electronic instrument, but my experience with the Ultra-Drive is with electric guitar, so this review will be based on this application of the pedal. I'd imagine that most users will be using it for electric guitar anyway, as this is what it is really designed for. The pedal has is pretty standard for a pedal in terms of general characteristics, as it consists of 1/4" connections for input and output and require power via either a nine volt power supply or battery. It isn't a rack mountable piece of gear in any way.


Using the J. Everman Ultra-Drive isn't very difficult, especially for those with previous experience using overdrive pedals. It's pretty much got the standard configuration in terms of parameters for the most part, containing parameters for sustain, filter, tone, and volume. Nothing about the J. Everman Ultra-Drive makes it complicated, so a manual isn't needed here.


The tone quality of J. Everman Ultra-Drive is very very impressive. It is definitely one of the consistently clean sounding overdrive/distortion pedals I've used out there. I don't mean to use the word clean when it comes to a distortion pedal, but what I mean by this is that it is a very transparent sounding distortion pedal. This is the kind of clarity and fullness that I look for in a distortion pedal, as it never gets muddy and always cuts through. The sustain is also incredible on the Ultra-Drive, as when it is turned up all the way it is really never ending. There is a lot of flexibility in the sound as well, as it is capable of getting some very heavy fuzz like sounds as well as more subtle overdrive tones.


Although the price of the J. Everman Ultra-Drive might stray some away, it's really designed for those looking for top notch tone who don't mind spending a few extra bucks if it will make the difference. For those who in this boat, the J. Everman Ultra-Drive is an absolute must try. However, I don't believe that you'll find too many of these in stores, so trying one out might be harder than most pedals. If you can give one a try, I'd definitely recommend doing so as I know that before long you'll be swayed into adding one to your rig!