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Audiofanzine FR 16/12/2010

Line 6 Uber Metal : la opinión de Audiofanzine FR (content in English)


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Originally written by Mr Larsen on Audiofanzine FR.

Digital distortion pedal with three selectable voicings. Effective EQ (parametric mid) and integrated noise gate (also very effective)


No problems. Or almost (see below)...


The sound of this stomp box changed radically after buying a new amp.
- I first had a Roland Cube 30 solid-state amp and the result was very good: guitar (peavey wofgang US) directly into the Uber Metal, and stomp box into the amp (clean channel). The result sounds very nice (I use the metal mode since I usually play classic hard rock) with a long sustain. Only the low-end is a bit too light. The tone is rather cold (it also due to the Cube) but easily usable.
- I then bought a Valveking 112 tube amp: the result is disastrous!! Very shrilling sound, almost no low frequencies, etc. I tried to connect it into the FX loop of the amp: the sound was a bit better with more lows but less gain and less sustain... Surprisingly, the lead channel of the 112 gives better results. So, I don't use the Uper Metal!!


Try this stomp box with your amp because you could get bad surprises.
I was very satisfied with my Roland Cube, but the pedal is useless with the Valveking.
I bought a Vox Satchurator later and had no problems. I connect it to the clean channel and I get a good distortion sound.
I don't know if you would experience the same problem with other tube amps: just try it out with your own amp before buying it.