Ross R-50 Distortion
Ross R-50 Distortion
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iamqman 19/12/2011

Ross R-50 Distortion : la opinión de iamqman (content in English)

"Not anything special"

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The Ross distortion pedal is a convenient and simple design that is basically a mix between an overdrive and an all-out distortion pedal. Very simple pedal but not that much of a unique sound or unique quality but pretty much your basic run of the mill type of distortion box. Overall it's a cool pedal but it's not one of the pedals that I would highly recommend for anyone to use. There's a host of other distortion petals or overdrive petals out there in the market that does everything that this does with better options and overall more versatility.


This is a very easy pedal with the setup you basically have two operational knobs. You have the distortion control knob and then you have a volume our output control not. The distortion control knob is basically as it describes; it gives you more gain as you turn up the knob. The level will control your overall volume of the pedal. There's not much other features as far as this pedal goes and it's pretty self explanatory.


The tone of this is somewhere in between the distortion pedal and an overdrive pedal. You are not going to get this high gain thick distortion tone but you certainly are going to get a mild overdrive quite well. You can set this thing up to give you a boost and it will also give you a pretty decent but not spectacular distortion tone. If you need a boost it does it well but overall it's pretty much a run-of-the-mill type box.


You can find these pedals for under $100 if you're really searching. I suggest going with something like a Fulltone OCD pedal or even just a regular old Ibanez tube screamer pedal this is not something that I would recommend to anybody because there are so many pedals out there that will do what this does but do it much better than what this pedal can achieve.