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nickname009 28/08/2011

Suhr Riot : la opinión de nickname009 (content in English)

"Great rock pedal!!"

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Handbuilt in the USA as far as I know, high gain distortion box meant to be a stack in a box. Meaning you can plug this into any small clean tube amp or big clean tube amp and still get a huge usable stack-like sound.

Dist, level and tone knobs with the true bypass switch and also a 3 way mini toggle that shapes the midrange.

Also includes an FX link, so you can remotely control the pedal to turn on or off with other switching devices.

ALSO the LED itself will flash if the battery is draining. How cool is that?

Regular 9v operation, I think my only beef about this pedal is the 3 way midrange toggle, these are basically preset midrange sounds I sort of wish it was a knob so it was sweepable but that's just my thing.


Pretty simple, just like any other normal distortion box! Plug it in, turn the knobs and tweak till it sounds good!


So how does it sound? Pretty damn good for what it is. This is probably one of, if not the only distortion pedal that actually doesn't sound like a distortion pedal and sounds as close to as amp distortion that I've ever heard. It doesn't sound boxy, or fizzy or ice-picky it sounds thick, big, rich and warm. The dynamics are also all there, if you pick lightly it shows. In terms of distortion it sounds very organic, and very very usable and amp-like.

One thing I want to comment on is the actual type of distortion, what does it sound like? A vintage amp? Or a modern amp? It sounds like a Suhr amp, which I feel tonally, tends to sit in between a vintage and modern sounding amp, leaning a bit more towards a modern sound. So this is where some people may or may not like it. Some players do not like the suhr sound, while others love it. So this is where it was hit or miss with me and I unfortunately do generally prefer a sort of high gain vintage sound and this pedal was not that. That's why I didn't keep it.

But as stated I can understand and respect the tone it delivers and it does still sound amazing compared to regular distortion boxes. This is definitely one of a kind and I can see why it's become so popular. Try adding an overdrive pedal with it and maxing just the level you'll get awesome super metal sounds!!


Great pedal. One of the best sounding high gain pedals in the market today. Use it with a boost to get yourself into metal territory you're golden. I like how it was intently designed to work with clean amps but I almost wish it was made to work with more, but I'm selfish like that. Otherwise the Riot would've been a near perfect distortion pedal to use for every type of rig out there.

The fact that one can get such a great sounding pedal without needing any tubes or special adapters etc makes it a plus!!