Evans EC2 edge control
Evans EC2 edge control

EC2 edge control, Drum Head from Evans.

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FateFelledVictim 30/09/2008

Evans EC2 edge control : la opinión de FateFelledVictim (content in English)


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The Evans EC2 sound ring batter heads are an amazing way to step up your tom drums tone. I use them on all of my toms, a 10”,12”,14” and 16”, and these bring life out of every one of them. They are not as pricey as the Genera 2’s, but I like those just a touch better. I have bought these heads about 3 times total, after switching from Remo, and these were on my set since. I used ambassadors on my toms, and the EC2’ and G2’s are far superior in tone. Aquarian is supposed to have good heads, but I have only tried their kick heads, which are good. I went from playing all Remo to having a mishmashed set of Remo, Evans and Aquarian drum heads on 6 drums. The Evans are also much punchier and melodic than the Remo’s, in my opinion, and are much more sensitive to the stick hitting it.
I have used these for about a year, and my only complaint is that the clear batter heads are not that durable, but the coated batters are an easy fix. I use those now, after being afraid that the coating would affect tone, but they are virtually the same, but more durable. The clear batter heads wore out after around 2 weeks of playing for me and the coated batter heads have already lasted me over a month, and are still living strong. The coated batter heads also stay in tune longer than the clear batter heads.
These are good heads for someone who wants a warm tone, under a decent price tag. I would buy the coated batter heads as they last far longer than the clear, but that’s just if you want the most out of your money. If I had the choice, I would definitely buy these again or the infamous G2’s.