Remo Emperor
Remo Emperor

Emperor, Drum Head from Remo in the Emperor series.

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BGugino 01/09/2008

Remo Emperor : la opinión de BGugino (content in English)


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Recently, my Remo Pinstripe heads were getting to the point of replacement. After looking around and doing some researching, I concluded on the Remo Emperor Clears; I use two of them, one on the batter of my 12” tom and one on the batter of my 14” tom. Like all drum heads and even all drum oriented things, they have their pros and cons.

I’ll start out with talking about the pros of the Remo Clear Emperor drum head. The very first thing that I loved about these drum heads was the look. The simplicity of the clear drum head with the Remo stamp really caught my eye. Very classy yet contemporary looking, I liked it a lot. The next thing that I really loved about these drum heads, and the most important thing of all, was the tone that these drums produced. Being that they’re two-ply they still had the “fat” aspect of heads such as the Evens Hydraulic, or even the Remo pinstripe, but without sounding muffled. I really like that I could get that nice tone out of a drum without it being cut short; these drums can breathe. The last thing that I really liked about these heads is the fact that they’re strong. Being a rock drummer, I sometimes get hitting pretty hard, so the fact that they can withstand the beating is a definite plus.

As for the bad things about this head there would only really be one that I could put my finger on; that being that to get the best tone out of the drums, you need to hit HARD. So if you’re into more sensitive things you would probably be better off going onto the coated emperors. Anything along the lines of jazz would be better off with the coated. Other than that, these heads are great.