Alta Moda Audio AM-20

AM-20, Ecualizador Paramétrico from Alta Moda Audio.

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moosers 25/06/2010

Alta Moda Audio AM-20 : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The Alta Moda Audio AM-20 is a 500 series style parametric equalizer module. I only recently used the AM-20, and I’m pretty new to Alta Moda products in general, but right off the bat I must say that these are impressive units. It doesn’t have any connections, as you hook it into an API 500 series rack which provides the XLR connections for you. This can’t be used outside of a 500 series rack, so you’ll need that to use this…


If you’re familiar with the make up of parametric equalizers, catching on the AM-20 will be a breeze for you. There’s really nothing out of the ordinary about it, as it’s pretty much your basic parametric equalizer. The AM-20 consists of four bands, with each having frequency and gain parameters and the middle two also having bandwidth (Q) parameters. It’s also got switches for bypass and for fixing the low end at 65 Hz. No manual will be necessary here…


The sound quality of the Alta Moda Audio AM-20 is extremely impressive. It’s very clean cut and won’t add it’s own coloration to your sound at all. It does it’s job, and it does it’s job very well. It’s great for applications of all types, as a good equalizer is a good equalizer regardless of what you’re using it on. While maybe not as versatile as some other equalizers out there, there’s certainly enough here to get the job done well almost every time.


I don’t always use outboard equalizers when I’ve got a real console to work with, but in the room where I’ve been using the AM-20 I’ve simply been drawn to it. I have used it mostly for tracking purposes, but it will certainly work for mixing and for any other application that you can think of. While more expensive than most 500 series modules, it’s worth the extra money if you’re a professional looking for one of the best equalizers that can be found for a 500 series rack. I’d recommend checking out the Alta Moda AM-10 mic preamplifier/equalizer first, but the AM-20 is an awesome equalizer in itself.