Avalon AD2077
Avalon AD2077
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moosers 02/05/2009

Avalon AD2077 : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The Avalon AD2077 is a dual channel mastering equalizer that is made up of all class A parts and is truly a top of the line piece of equipment. It is an all analog piece of gear that has XLR connections in the back and is a rack mountable unit. It will take up three rack space units.


The configuration of the Avalon AD2077 might seem complicated at first because of all the different buttons and knobs, but the experienced user will have no problems understanding what everything does. Even those without any experience with mastering EQs shouldn't have too much trouble with the Avalon AD2077, as everything is laid out smartly and is pretty easy to understand. Each channel has four bands - low, low mid, high mid, and high, and each has a knob for gain, a knob for frequency, and there are a variety of buttons that do various things. In between the two channels, there are buttons to choose the channels you want to use, or if you want to use it as a stereo piece of gear. I don't have the manual for the Avalon AD2077, but it is easy to use and you shouldn't have any trouble without it if you don't have the manual.


The sound quality of the Avalon AD2077 is absolutely top notch. Whether you are using it for mastering or not, the EQs are crisp and clean with a great deal of control for zeroing in on the exact sound or filtering you are going for. I've mostly used the Avalon AD2077 for mastering, but have also used it on single track instruments like vocals, guitars, and drums, always with great results. I can't say enough about the precision and great sound quality you are getting with the Avalon AD2077.


I've only been using the Avalon AD2077 mastering EQ for about six or eight months, but in this short time have come to adore this unit. I love how much versatility there is, and how clean every band on this is. Since this is designed for professionals looking for top notch tone no matter what the cost, the Avalon AD2077 has a pretty outrageous price tag. This being said, if you are a professional mastering engineer looking for the best, it doesn't get much better than this. Overall, the Avalon AD2077 is one of the best sounding EQs I've ever used.