Melcor GME-20
Melcor GME-20
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moosers 02/09/2010

Melcor GME-20 : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The Melcor GME-20's are two band equalizers that are designed for 500 series Lunchbox racks. I don't know much backing information on these at all, but we've got a pair of them in the B room at the studio where I'm currently working. These are analog modules, and of course being that they are 500 series modules, they don't have any connections or a power supply built into them. They are only rack mountable in Lunchbox styles racks.


You'd be hard pressed to find an equalizer out there simpler than the Melcor GME-20. It's only got two bands, with parameters on each for frequency and gain. It also has buttons for a low and high pass filter, but that's literally all the GME-20 has. On one hand it makes it really easy to use, but on the other, it does make it a somewhat limited equalizer. It's fine for doing simple EQ jobs, but you certainly can't get too in depth with it. A manual definitely isn't necessary here...


The Melcor GME-20's actually have a really cool sound to them. They definitely aren't the cleanest EQ's that I've used, but they're definitely nice for adding a little boost here or there and/or for adding a little warmth. I've only used the GME-20's on guitars - both acoustic and electric, and they worked great for boosting or cutting just a little bit here and there. They aren't going to be very flexible, but if you know exactly what you want to do with them, they'll get the job done...


While pretty rare, the Melcor GME-20's are some cool sounding and looking equalizers. I don't really know anything about them beyond what I've learned from using them a handful of times, but they seem to be on the older side for sure. While they are definitely not my first choice to use, in certain situations where I think they will work well I won't hesitate to use them. I'm not sure that these would be worth seeking out and/or spending much money on, but if they're around they should definitely be useful...