Sharp SA-X35
Sharp SA-X35

SA-X35, Equipo de Hi-Fi from Sharp.

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moosers 27/04/2010

Sharp SA-X35 : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The Sharp SA-X35 is a home stereo receiver that I'm currently using with my Rotel turntable to listen to vinyl records on at home. The receiver has an AM/FM tuner as well as graphic equalizer built in. It has just about all of the connections that you'd want in the back, with a number of different RCA connections for different channels. Right now in addition to my turntable, I usually have an iPod or my computer plugged into the auxiliary channel as well. I have a pair of Bose 301 speakers plugged into them, but I believe you can have two different sets of speakers hooked up at the same time if you so choose. For the tuner, you've got a nice screen to monitor on and you can also save up to six presets. I don't really use the tuner too often, but it's definitely nice to have it on there for if there is something on the radio that I would like to hear. To be honest, the Sharp SA-X35 isn't a product that I seeked out at all. I was really just looking for a very cheap receiver since my last one had a broken channel, and I came across someone selling one of these at a good price. I'm glad that I jumped on it because it turned out to be exactly what I was looking for. I can't necessarily say that this is the best receiver out there in the least, but it suits my needs just fine. It is certainly a bit old and perhaps outdated since it doesn't have a CD player or anything like that, but for building a home stereo system around, it does the job just fine. I did a quick Google search for this receiver and literally couldn't find anything, leaving me to believe that there aren't too many of these out there. However, if you do find one and have the same sort of needs for a receiver that I do, it will work just fine!