Korg Krome 73
Korg Krome 73

Krome 73, Estación de Trabajo from Korg in the Krome series.

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sw80 31/01/2013

Korg Krome 73 : la opinión de sw80 (content in English)

"Needs sampling "

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The Krome is a 73 key workstation that has over 600 built in sounds and over 600 drum grooves. One of the reasons that I was attracted to this keyboard after playing around with it for hours at Guitar Center was the arps. There are over 900 different arps and all of them are very good, even better than they are on my Motif and Fantom. I have been a Triton user for many years, and I didn’t think that the Krome would be better than the Triton series but it is to me.


Using this keyboard could take a little bit of learning because of its layout and in depth features, but it comes with a well written manual to help with the learning curve. The screen on the Krome is not full color but it is easily readable and it is the perfect sizes to see what you are doing and presets you are working with.


The sounds are good, warm and full. If you want to add some effects I do recommend doing that because some of the sounds are pretty dry so it is good to breathe some life into them with reverb. The Krome does come with a plug-in editor as well as MIDI in and MIDI out. There are no digital inputs or outputs on this workstation.


There are 193 effects ready to be used on all 640 sounds. This workstation has given me plenty of sounds to play with but unfortunately making them more into my “own” sound is not as easy as it was on the Korg Triton or Motif boards. Also, another feature that I think they should have added is sampling, you cannot sample on this keyboard. The price is decent but I feel like there should be a little more, or maybe a few more features to work with at this price.