Roland Fantom X6
Roland Fantom X6

Fantom X6, Estación de Trabajo from Roland in the Fantom series.

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FP User 01/11/2008

Roland Fantom X6 : la opinión de FP User (content in English)


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Large, colored screen is easy on the eyes. Especially for someone (like myself) who tends to do a lot of work on it late at night, in the dark. 16 illuminated velocity sensitive pads, feel great and are excellent for laying drums, or putting together sample based tracks. Not as big as the pads on an MPC, but they still definitely hold their own. Skip-back sampling is a feature I've come to depend on. USB connectivity for MIDI and file transfer. Unfortunately you have to switch between file transfer mode and MIDI mode, which is somewhat of an inconvenience. Compatible with Roland SRX boards. This expandibility was a major selling point for me.

Price paid

$2075 CAD


Plug it in, and you're off. Its as simple as that. Anything you can't figure out on your own will be explained, in detail, in the manual.

Although it stays in my basement studio 99% on the time, I have taken this to live shows, and its still in perfect condition. Never had any problems with it, and it seems unlikely I ever will (unless someone else comes in and starts messing with my gear).


How can you go wrong with Roland sounds? The patches sound great out of the box, and can be made even better with a little bit of tweaking.


Its my baby. I'll sacrifice my first born for to save it.

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Posted by: street ninja ( 6-, 2005)