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ryanmaster2112 18/02/2014

Yamaha MM6 : la opinión de ryanmaster2112 (content in English)

"Nice, Affordable, Quality Synth"

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The Yamaha MM6 is Yamaha's 'baby' version of the company's flagship keyboard, the Motif. The MM6 offers a wide variety of sounds, most of which are strictly taken from the Motif. It also has a wide variety of ways of creating new sounds and editing them. There are many DSP effects to choose from in the Edit and Utility menus. It comes with four classic knobs with controls such as Cutoff, Reso, Attack, Release. There are also Dual and Split buttons, made for quick sound layering and splitting. The MM6 also features an eight-track MIDI sequencer. Finally, the MM6 features "Performance Memory," which allows users to save their favorite sound settings into eight buttons on the machine. There are eight banks of eight patch locations, allowing a total of 64 presets.


Sound editing is very simple. As mentioned earlier, there are many different ways to make and edit sounds. There are so many types of DSP, Reverb, Chorus, etc. effects that can be found in the Edit, Utility menus. You can route different effects, and tell the instrument which sounds get what effect in what patch. On top of effects, there are four realtime control knobs on the panel, which allow for quick, on the go, sound editing. The manual is clear and explains all of the above in perfect detail. Sound editing can be time consuming on this instrument, but generally speaking, the overall ease of use is fantastic.


The sounds are of high quality, as most are taken from the company's famous, flagship keyboard, the Motif. Now, note I didn't say "extremely high quality." The onboard sounds are good, but you can definitely tell that this instrument is not very expensive just by playing a few of them. I highly recommend editing almost everything, and tweak everything to your liking. This instrument was not designed for basic sounds such as piano, organ, strings, etc. It does, of course, provide those basic sounds, but I recommend using the instrument to its fullest extent, editing all patches to your liking.


I really love this instrument. It's simple, easy to use, and great for anybody. Whether you are a live performer, studio engineer, or someone who wants to treat themselves to a nice synth experience, this keyboard could provide you some benefit. Routing and editing is simple, but a lot of that is time consuming. Luckily, Yamaha provides preset memory, so you can store your favorite settings into up to 64 different locations, so you don't have to scramble to get all your settings the way you want. The MM6 is a nice, street smart synth, and is a great buy out there on the market. It is well worth what Yamaha is selling it for. It currently sells for approx. $500. Maybe a bit more or a bit less...depends where you buy it from. But I'd say this instrument should be roughly $1000 based on its features. Great buy!