Yamaha MM6
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billycaithness 30/10/2008

Yamaha MM6 : la opinión de billycaithness (content in English)


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The MM6 has two octaves ,cut off ,resonance ,attack and release knobs .It has MIDI in and MIDI out ,usb ,headphones ,audio in and audio out.Ithas alot of sounds from the motif wich includes strings ,guitar ,piano ,bass ,brass ,synths ,keyboard/organs and drums .The MM6 comes with a copy of cubase le for computer connectivity.


Its very simple to use i had it out the box and playing it in minutes.The effects are very good and u can manualy change the sounds with the effects knobs and the manual is very clear


The sounds suit my music style very well and are sooo realistic .the effects as i said are good and the keys are high quality in my opinion i prefer the pianos on it because the are very realistic.


I have been using it for two months now.I like all the sounds on it but i cant make beats straight of the keyboard wich is disapointing.No this is my first keyboard.Knowing what i know about it now i stil would still get it