Yamaha MOTIF ES6
Yamaha MOTIF ES6

MOTIF ES6, Estación de Trabajo from Yamaha in the MOTIF series.

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ericthegreat 28/11/2011

Yamaha MOTIF ES6 : la opinión de ericthegreat (content in English)

"Very good sounds"

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Yamaha really created a good product with the Motif ES6 , I think it's pretty user-friendly and you can literally spend days on trying to figure out all of it features because there's too many to mess with. You can change waveforms, add just about any effect to your sound, create scores, and make entire compositions. This instrument doesn't really need expansion boards unless you really need a specific sound that this workstation doesn't have.


I found this workstation to be quite user-friendly. I had a lot of it figured out on the second day of messing with it. If the screen was just a little bigger then the Motif would be really off the chain! I usually need help from somebody to show me how to work things like this but I happened to figure it out on my own. Even my friend who owns a Korg Triton Pro-Workstation enjoys playing my Motif over his Korg any day.

No problems yet with this workstation. It never leaves my studio and is never in any harms way. Damn, I paid nearly 2 G's for this thing. It is well taken care of. The quality of the manufacturing is pretty good, you can feel the quality of texture of the keys when you place your fingers on them.


The sound quality on the ES is truly top quality! It beats any other synthesizer on the market today. With over 1,000 sounds built-in, there is no need for samples! What I personally liked were the strings and brass on the ES. They are incredibly real and are not ; meaning they have many effects. For example, acoustic guitars are programmed such that when you hit the key on the keyboard, it's like hitting the actual string on the guitar, sensitivity matters! Another thing about the ES is the 64 built-in drum kits. They contain everything from Hip Hop, R&B, Rock, Belly Dancing to Garage kits.


The ES is built tough. The exterior is very durable and somewhat scratch-resistant. The keys are high quality, as with other Yamaha's I've used. One drawback is the ; of the ES gets dirty and smudgy with simple day-to-day use.