Yamaha MOTIF ES7
Yamaha MOTIF ES7

MOTIF ES7, Estación de Trabajo from Yamaha in the MOTIF series.

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stompboxjon 13/04/2012

Yamaha MOTIF ES7 : la opinión de stompboxjon (content in English)

"i love my es 7"

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The Motif ES 7 was a high end board a few years back and I still feel that It is today. There are so many keyboards and workstations on the market today its hard to pick one that you can really stick with. I love having he Motif ES in my arsenal it provides really good sounds and I love the brass and synths. I always get good tracks out of my music when I use some of the ES 7 sounds.


It was easy to use and I had to use the manual to figure out how to sequence on it. The sequencing on it just wasn’t good enough for me it was hard without being able to see what im doin. I am use to sequencing on software now so going from cubase and reason to trying to sequence on the ES 7 was really difficult for me. So now I just use the Motif as a so und module. Unless I am just messing around with some melodies on it then I might do some minor sequencing just to mess around and get some song ideas.


The sounds are great, you can really get a good sound with this board. It has some really good bass too, I probably use the bass more than any other type of instrument that it has just because I feel like this has one of the best bass presets on the market today.


Overall, this is a good board with good sounds on it. Enough presets to definitely get you up and running. The presets are song ready right away, so if you are a preset user you wont have to do too much eqing or anything because all of the sounds are really high quality and ready to go. I really love my ES 7 I wont every sell it either.