Yamaha MOTIF XF7
Yamaha MOTIF XF7

MOTIF XF7, Estación de Trabajo from Yamaha belonging to the MOTIF XF model.

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mrjason 01/11/2012

Yamaha MOTIF XF7 : la opinión de mrjason (content in English)

"Expensive and worth it, for giggin or studio use"

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The XF7 is a 76 key music production synth. It is very expensive, but after you get the chance to use it for a few minutes you will be hooked and have to have it. All of the sounds in the XF7 are amazing, they are well designed. The presets have just the right FX on them to make them stand out and pop. The arpeggiator has over 7000 sounds that you can use, you can also layer those arpeggiators and create some really interesting sounds quickly. The XF7 is the perfect keyboard for the studio and for the live musician. Performance mode you can layer your voices and split the XF7 up into two different half's so you can play a different instrument for the bass (play bass on the left side and synths on the right side at the same time in performance mode).


The XF7 has 128MB of internal memory right out of the box. You do not have to install any more memory because it comes maxed out. You can record or sample any audio source effortlessly. There is no installation involved when working with the XFF7. All you have to do is plug it in and turn it on.


The XF7 is heavy and bigger than I expected it to be though, at first glance it does not seem to be very big but once you are in front of it, it is a lot bigger. This could cause issues when moving it from one gig to the next. The screen that is on the XF7 is a full color display and it is bright and very easy to read. All of your navigation functions are right beside the screen so that even if you are in a dark room you can still find what you need to find.


Working with the XF7 has never been easier, I love when I get the chance to work with it and I have never met someone that does not like it. If you can afford it, you must buy it. But it does come with a large price tag.