Waves Maserati B72 Bass Phattener
Waves Maserati B72 Bass Phattener

Maserati B72 Bass Phattener, Excitador/Enhancer Software from Waves in the Maserati series.

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moosers 17/09/2010

Waves Maserati B72 Bass Phattener : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The Waves Ltd. Maserati B72 Bass Phattener is a unique bass enhancer plug-in that is part of the Tony Maserati Collection of plug-ins. It isn't available as an individual plug-in as you can only get it within this bundle. I didn't have any issues installing this bundle, as I did so when I installed all of the other Waves plug-ins in the Complete bundle. As far as the make up of the interface is concerned, it's pretty easy to follow but this isn't your typical processor so it did take me a bit to get used to how each of the parameters will affect your sound. These parameters include sensitivity, bass, treble, output, and an FX mixing section. It also has two different modes for either DI (direct input) or synth. Those are the parameters at hand, so a manual shouldn't be necessary - just practice with it for a little bit and you should be good to go!


I'm currently running the Waves Ltd. Maserati B72 Bass Phattener and the entire Waves collection of plug-ins on my Mac Book Pro computer and in Pro Tools LE 8. The computer has a 2.2 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo processor and 4 GB of RAM, while I run Pro Tools with a Digi 002R audio interface. I've only had a need to run this on one or two bass tracks at a time within a standard session, and it hasn't even come close to taxing my system enough to affect it.


The Waves Ltd. Maserati B72 Bass Phattener is overall a really awesome plug-in to have around. It is kind of like a beefed up Renaissance Bass, which is one of my favorite plug-ins for fattening up bass. It's got the same sort of effect but there's a bit more that you can do with it. It definitely does as advertised, as it's perfect for juicing up your sound a bit. I've only used the plug-in to date on bass guitar, but being that it has a synth mode it would be cool to try it on a synth bass sometime as well. The Maserati Collection is overall a very impressive bundle, so if you're interested in the Bass Phattener I'd definitely recommend checking out the full bundle as it's the only way you can this one...