dbx 100 BoomBox
dbx 100 BoomBox

100 BoomBox, Excitador/Enhancer from dbx.

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moosers 30/06/2010

dbx 100 BoomBox : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The Dbx 100 BoomBox is a sub harmonic synthesizer that gives your low frequencies a boost. It's an older piece of gear, made up of all analog parts. It's got RCA connections for both the inputs and outputs. It isn't in traditional rack mountable form...


Users won't need to know all that much to operate the Dbx 100 BoomBox. It's just got simple parameters for low frequency boost and for sub harmonic level, as well as a bypass button. I just played around with the two parameters for a couple of minutes to see exactly what each of them did, and I found that this led me to a pretty good place in using the Boom Box A manual isn't necessary in my opinion.


If you're looking to add some low end to a track, the Dbx 100 BoomBox can definitely do the trick for you. This is a really simple solution for adding some bottom to any of your tracks, kind of like what a BBE Sonic Maximizer would do for high frequencies. I've only used the Boom Box for bass guitar, but judging from the rounder low end sound this gave me, I can definitely see it being useful in a variety of situations with bass and low frequency instruments. One thing I'd like to try it out for would be on some sort of electronically synthesized bass to give it some extra girth, as I think this would work very well for this application...


While the Dbx 100 BoomBox wouldn't be a piece of gear that I'd seek out for my studio (unless I had a lot more gear already than I do now), it's definitely something cool to have in a professional studio setting. It's not going to be a magical box, but it can definitely quickly enhance your bass response if that's what you're after. So while I'm not sure this would be necessary for most studio owner, it definitely can't hurt to have around in a professional studio where you never know when you might need a certain sound quickly...