Roland M-OC1 Orchestra
Roland M-OC1 Orchestra

M-OC1 Orchestra, Extensor from Roland.

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stompboxjon 22/05/2012

Roland M-OC1 Orchestra : la opinión de stompboxjon (content in English)

"real sounds"

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The roland M- OC1 Orchestra is a sound module that you will need in your compositions. The overall quality of the instruments that come out of this module is great. Rack this up and start using it right away. Setting it up in my DAW was a bit tedious though. Took longer than expected but once I got it all set up with the proper midi connections and all my audio wires I finally had a chance to mess wit the sounds. I must say the sounds are great. Sound much fuller and thicker than all the Orchestra VST’s that are out now that a lot of people are crazy about. Call me old school but something about hardware equipment just provides a fuller more realistic sound than software does.


Setting it up was a longer process than expected, but no need for a manual with this one. Only a few knobs right on front and they are self explanatory.


The sound is full , thick and rich. You can add a little reverb right on the rack with the knob and make it sound a little bigger! Only thing is that it doesn’t give you a bunch of effects. I love to play around with phasers and stuff like then when im messing with any instrumental because I like to create different a new sounds but this really doesn’t give you the option to be creative. But it will deliver Orchestra sounds that are real!


Overall, I love the Roland M-OC1 Orchestra rack. I have used it so many times in many of my songs. With the 28 voice poly and 8 midi channels it will give you everything you need to power your song with some orchestra. Don’t be fooled by all the software that says they have great orchestra, buy a module like this that is dedicated to real orchestra authentic sounds.