Glyph Technologies Portagig

Portagig, External Hard Drive from Glyph Technologies.

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mooseherman 11/01/2011

Glyph Technologies Portagig : la opinión de mooseherman (content in English)

"Sturdy, reliable drive that won't fail"

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This is a portable hard drive that is made by Glyph Technologies. Their drives are among the better ones I've used in my career and that's saying something just because drives crash all the time. The Glyph company guarantees their drives too, which is saying more than most. The one that I use is half a terabyte, or 500 GB. Basically it has a lot of space, more than most people would need for a long time. I like the fact that this drive has both USB and firewire connections, but what's more is that with the newest drives, there is also a eSATA connection for data transfer. The drive can be bus-powered with the firewire 800 channel, or it can just be powered with an external power supply that comes with it. The eSATA channel needs power from either the fire wire or the external power supply.
This is a high performance drive in every sense of the word. It's very fast and it works great. I've never had a problem with it jittering or taking too long to load a session. It's also never crashed on me, making it one of the few besides my LaCie drive to do that. This is a big deal, as a drive that never crashes is a godsend to a working recording engineer, or even somebody who just has a lot of stuff on their drives.
Basically, this is invaluable and at such a good price nowadays (who knew drives would get so cheap after they were so expensive for so long?) there's no excuse for not having a good drive. Other than, of course, not having any drives at all. This is worth checking out, because even if it does break its guaranteed to be fixed for free by the warranty. A good purchase all around.