Numark Slipmat
Numark Slipmat

Slipmat, Fieltro para Vinilo from Numark.

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content in English
WuTangSht 23/12/2010

Numark Slipmat : la opinión de WuTangSht (content in English)


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The Numark slipmat does its job. It makes the vinyl spin smoothly and that's what it's supposed to do. The thing about it, is that it's boring. It's black and read Numark on it, that's it. It also catches a lot of hair's and dust. The old, rubber slipmats where better, even though they were as boring. They should have different colored slipmats and way better design. Something more complex but not too complex. It was free, so it's not a big of a deal but it would attract a lot more people if it was better looking and more attractive. The slipmat does make the vinyl run smooth and have a good sound, but so did the old rubber ones that didn't pick up so much dust. Also, the slipmat bends sometimes, making the vinyl unstable and when you place your hand on it and creating unwanted sounds. The rubber slipmats made the vinyl run smooth and were solid and stable for good vinyl sound. The only models I've tried before this slipmat, were the rubber ones Numark made before these ones. The slipmat was free and came with the Numark TTUSB I bought and it was weak. I don't know why Numark changed the slipmats, but they jsut made them worse. The should go back to the rubber ones because of their stability. I do realize they were probably more expensive than these slipmats but they should at least make the new ones more stable and change their look and make them way more attractive. I honestly rather pay 3 more dollars for the rubber slipmats than these ones. Slipmats aren't such a big deal but Numark could go back to the rubber ones or improve them. You shouldn't buy these slipmats if you're going to buy some separate. You should buy rubber ones or at least good-looking, attractive ones that work fine.