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ericthegreat 21/12/2011

Samson Technologies PS01 : la opinión de ericthegreat (content in English)

"much needed"

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The Samson Technologies PS01 is a professional pop filter that is made out of metal screen. It's a unique design that is especially effective. This version of their patented pop filter attached to the end of a mic stand, while the Samson Technologies PS01 has it's own goose neck style arm that attached to the side of a stand or wherever else you want to clamp it onto. It is said to be more effective than fabric pop screens where you will lose some high end frequencies along the way.


The Samson Technologies PS01 is really a must have for any studio. Of course every studio needs a pro screen, and if you're a professional studio it's going to be worth it to spend a few extra bucks on something like the Stedman. I haven't tested this out against a nylon/fabric pop screen, but this does seem to do a great job of removing sibilance and I haven't noticed any decrease in quality when you take it off the mic. I like that this one attached to a mic stand, as I find that the version with the neck is often harder to place because of the neck and you usually need to put it on it's own stand anyway. I don't know what the exact difference in price is, but if you have plenty of stands around I'd say it's worth it to save a few extra dollars with the Samson Technologies PS01 when compared to the 101, but it really doesn't matter much either way. The only other pop filter that I've used that matches this one is the Pete's Place Audio screen which also uses a unique metal filter rather than a fabric one. I'd recommend checking out both of these if you're looking to add a true and professional pop filter to your studio.