Ibanez CF7 Stereo Chorus/Flanger
Ibanez CF7 Stereo Chorus/Flanger

CF7 Stereo Chorus/Flanger, Flanger para Guitarra from Ibanez in the 7 series.

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mooseherman 08/06/2009

Ibanez CF7 Stereo Chorus/Flanger : la opinión de mooseherman (content in English)

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This Ibanez pedal has two effects; chorus and flanger. It cannot be edited through any computer program, and it's not rackable as it's simply a pedal. The pedal uses digital technology, and there's only the standard 1/4" in and outs. There's a dry output as well.


The sound and effect editing is pretty basic. There is a switch that changes the effect from Chorus to Flanger. There are only four knobs. They control effect speed, depth, delay time, and regeneration. There is also a switch that changes things from normal to "Wakk'd", which is basically a more intense version of the effect, which rarely sounds good anyway. There isn't a really precise control to be found here. The manual explains everything, though it's not really needed at all as one can figure it out on their own.


I use this with my electric guitar, a Stratocaster. I don't particularly like this pedal with that, or any other guitar for that matter. It's very weak and unoriginal. The chorus and flanger tend to distort the sound and mess with the intonation far too much for my taste. They make the sound very muddy and they don't really add a good color to the tone. It does what I always fear most with chorus pedals; it makes the guitar sound really cheesy. That's tough to do with a good amp and guitar combination like the one I was using. You can do much better with both chorus and flanger pedals by different brands. Ibanez doesn't really make good pedals anyway.


I'm not crazy about this pedal at all, honestly. I think that this is one of the worst pedals I've ever purchased, and it makes sense, since I didn't pay a whole lot for it. Even if you only pay $40 it's too much. I didn't try too many other models before I bought this one and that was my mistake. I would never, ever buy this or recommend it to anybody. It's a really bad-sounding pedal.