API Audio 550A
API Audio 550A

550A, Franja de canal from API Audio.

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moosers 04/06/2009

API Audio 550A : la opinión de moosers (content in English)

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The API Audio 550 is a three band parametric EQ that comes in a module that will fit into the API lunchbox.  It is an analog unit and will not fit in a standard rack.


Using the API Audio 550 isn't too hard espeically if you have experience using console EQs.  Each of the three bands has knobs for cutting or boosting as well as the ability to choose between three different set frequencies.  The unit also has a low pass filter, a high pass filter, and an in button.  Even if you don't have experience with API EQs, this is a pretty universal make up and shouldn't take users too long to figure out how to use it.  I've never seen the manual for the API Audio 550 so I can't speak to how well together it is.


The sound quality of the API Audio 550 is absolutely crystal clear and has a top notch tone.  It won't color your sound at all beyond the adjustments you make using the EQ and it will make these adjustments incredibly cleanly.  I've used these EQs on everything from vocals to drums and I'm always astounded with the great clarity that these EQs come with.  It honestly doesn't get too much better for EQs unless you are looking for more control with more bands as this is about as clean as it gets.


I've been using the API Audio 550 EQ for about two years and I can definitely say that these are some of the best EQs that I've used.  API has a reputation for making crystal clear signal processing gear and the 550 is just about as good as any of their models.  I would highly recommend trying out these EQs if you are a professional looking for top notch tone even if it does come at a steep price.