Joemeek ThreeQ
Joemeek ThreeQ

ThreeQ, Franja de canal from Joemeek.

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mooseherman 12/01/2011

Joemeek ThreeQ : la opinión de mooseherman (content in English)

"Great preamp for cheap"

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This is a channel strip which contains a preamp, compressor and EQ. Basically it has all you need, and it's made by Joe Meek, who make consistently awesome gear. This is no exception as it contains a wonderful solid-state analog pre-amp. There are XLR connections as well as 1/4" connections, though I only use the XLR for microphones. It's one space on a rack which is great as it saves you some space for more pres or compressors or whatever.


Using this channel strip is really easy overall. It has an input gain knob which is pretty self-explanatory. One thing I noticed about it which was unfortunate was a lack of phantom power as well as phase reverse, so either plug-in that phase and get an external phantom power supply, or look elsewhere!
You can decide whether to engage the compressor and the EQ via two switches, one for each. If you do decide to use them, the compressor has a knob for compression, attack and release so it's got a healthy amount of control over the sound. The EQ is four-band. Overall that makes for a lot of control.


The sound of this pre amp is really good. I couldn't believe it was as cheap as it was when I tried it. Mostly I liked it for the sound of the pre-amp in general, but I really also liked the way the compressor and the EQ worked. Having the low end fixed the way it is would be frustrating if I didn't have consistently good sounds coming out of it. The compressor is not the hardest or the most comprehensive compressor out there but it'll work well for a variety of uses especially if you're working with rappers or other vocalists that you know will need it from the get-go. It's a really transparent channel too with I think everyone can appreciate.


Overall I think this is an incredible bargain really. It's far from the best but for what I do, which isn't always the most professional sounding stuff (sadly), it usually works fine. Definitely worth it for somebody who's looking for a lowbudget addition to their home studio or even a pro-studio, though it probably won't stack up well to what you're working with if you already have great stuff. I'd recommend this to just about anybody as it has that many uses.