Joemeek ThreeQ
Joemeek ThreeQ

ThreeQ, Franja de canal from Joemeek.

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moosers 21/05/2009

Joemeek ThreeQ : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The Joe Meek ThreeQ is an analog based, solid state channel strip that contains a preamplifier, an optical compressor and a four band equalizer. It has 1/4 inch connections as well as an XLR input for your microphone. It is powered by the 12 volt power supply that comes with it and it is not a standard rack mountable piece of gear.


The configuration of the Joe Meek ThreeQ is pretty easy to follow all together. From left to right, it has a knob for preamp gain, while the optical compressor has parameters for compress, attack, release and the EQ has a low filter knob that is set on 80 Hz, a mid frequency knob that you can choose your desired frequency with another knob to set the gain, and a high filter knob set at 12 KHz. There is then an output gain knob and buttons to set the compressor and EQ either in or out and another to choose either line or mic input. It also has a series of LED meters that measure a variety of things and come in very handy. The manual for the Joe Meek ThreeQ is pretty complete, but really isn't necessary to learn the unit.


The sound quality of the Joe Meek ThreeQ is really good overall, as I'm a big fan of the preamp as well as the compressor and equalizer. The preamp won't color your sound at all and definitely will reproduce the sound of your microphones well as accurately. The compressor and the EQ are both very clean and respectable sounding. I really can't complain at all about the overall sound of this unit, especially when you take into consideration what you are getting for the price.


I've been using hte Joe Meek ThreeQ for only about a year but I've grown to love this unit in this short time. While its certainly not the best channel strip I've ever heard, it is respectable across the board and is always reliable for me. Its basic form makes it easy to use and the price really can't be beat. You're getting a nice preamp in addition to a clean compressor and EQ all for a one low price. If you are a home studio owner looking to expand your set up with some nice channel strips, picking up a few of these is definitely a good start!